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About Of Shane Creation

Delhi based Shane Creations specializes in 24ct Gold Leafing Handicrafts. A state-of-the-art creative studio dedicated to the process of Gold Leafing. At our Studio, we have mastered and pioneered the techniques to create and restore the finest Crafting Skills to gild the objects into Gold & Silver. Today, we have holistically advanced and redefined the art of gilding to provide the most to our esteemed clientele. In particular, Gold leafing (Gilding) has captivated people with its special soft lustre, which resembles solid gold. It has been used for decorating interior and exteriors of many churches, mosques, temples, homes all over the world since ancient times. Today leafing (Gilding) has entered a new world of high technology. This has lured many of people into the spell of gilding. It is called leafing because the metal is first converted into thin sheets and then they are cut into the size to handle easily. With a blow of air these metallic leaves fly away, hence this process of Gold or Silver Leafing requires a definite skill and fortitude to apply on the object which means no entry of Air or Dust on Site. When leaf is finally applied on any object, with the passing of time its bond becomes stronger with the surface of the object and thus metallic shine increases. Whereby, nothing can be compared to leafing for the look of gleam and shine.
This was the reason that gold and Silver Leafing were the legacy of Royal Palaces in ancient time. In today's modern world it has taken shape of fourth dimension. Thus it gives royal touch as well as contemporary style to the interiors of your small kingdom. Shane creations with its innovative and imaginative skills creates new designs thereby giving enigmatic feel of Champagne, Oxidised, Antique, and newly introduced Gem Stone look. These are being highly appreciated by the Indian and Foreign Architects and Designers. The rich glow of royalty in gilded objects has kindled a desire for its possession, to regale panache of difference. We at Shane Creations has developed strategic processes to intricately understand the requirements of our clients and translate the same as an innovative and unique blend of Contemporary Art and Royalty. We have the process of gilding by introducing technological innovations and tools that enable us to provide precision finishing in all ours projects. Though newly opened, it has a long creative legacy that has been brought down through generations.